Monday-Thursday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am – 2:30pm

Kalyan Das, MD

Jackie Prater, Office Manager, Registrar
Environmental Clerk
X1802 / Email: jprater@co.hardin.oh.us

Jennifer Newland, Deputy Registrar, Medical Billing
X1801 / Email: jnewland@co.hardin.oh.us

Pam Romanko, Financial
X1803 / Email: pfox@co.hardin.oh.us

Environmental Services
Shane Lotts, RS, Director of Environmental Health
X1809 / Email: slotts@co.hardin.oh.us

Derek Dunson, RS
X1810 / Email: ddunson@co.hardin.oh.us

Accreditation & Emergency Preparedness

Arin Tracy-Coordinator
X1808 / Email: atracy@co.hardin.oh.us

Kelsey Ralston-Public Information Officer, Public Relations
X1816 / Email: kralston@co.hardin.oh.us

Diana Carroll-Aghdam- Violence and Injury Prevention, Prescription Drug Overdose
x1815 / Email: daghdam@co.hardin.oh.us

Nursing Services

Cindy Keller RN MSN – Director of Nursing
419-673-6230 X 1804

Alexa Heacock RN BSN
419-673-6230 x 1805
BCMH, Lead Program,
Communicable Diseases

Melissa Humble RN BSN
419-673-6230 X 1807
Help Me Grow Program
Family Planning


We, the Kenton-Hardin Health Department believe that it is our mission to develop and maintain an efficient system which will provide for the highest quality of public health service practicable, and to promote and protect, in varying degrees, the community’s physical, mental, social, and environmental well-being.

The Board of Health administration will work to promote an organization within which all are encouraged to work cooperatively to fulfill this mission.

By working toward fulfillment of its mission, the health department is striving to enable every citizen the opportunity to realize health and longevity.



Keeping Hardin County healthy by improving the lives of those we serve and strengthen our communities through collaborative partnerships.



This notice is designed to describe the basics of the public records policy for the Hardin County Commissioners, their departments and the elected offices that chose to adopt it. It is not the entire policy.


The Hardin County Commissioners follow Ohio law in responding to requests for public records.

This office will provide copies of any public record of this office that must be provided by law.

Because of the nature of the work of this office, some of the records that may be public must be reviewed by a prosecutor prior to its release to insure that non-public records and information are protected. Such a review will take time, but will be done as promptly as possible.

If your request is for a record held by another office known to us, we will attempt to direct you to the agency that can provide you with the document.

In general, we will only request your identity, and a written request, or the reason for the request if that information will assist us in providing the documents requested. You are not required to provide that information. Occasionally, Ohio law requires this information to determine whether a request can be honored under the law.

Please be aware that we are not required to create a record for you.

Please be aware that you are not permitted to make copies of the public records yourself.

If a public records request is denied, this office will provide you with a basic reason for the refusal. It will only provide a written reason if the request for records is made in writing. Any redactions made to a document will either be clearly visible to you, or you will be told the type of information redacted.

We reserve the right to charge for the actual costs of making copies (and any mailing costs, if applicable) of any records requested, and may require those charges to be paid in advance.

We reserve the right to waive any aspect of this policy, at our sole discretion, to the extent allowed by the law.


The public records policy is subject to change without notice.                                                                                                                        10/07