Shane Lotts, RS, Director of Environmental Health

X1809 / Email: slotts@co.hardin.oh.us

Derek Dunson, RS
X1810  / Email: ddunson@co.hardin.oh.us

If you need information regarding a Food Service Operation or if you are

thinking of opening a food service operation please contact this office.

Contact this office for an application packet for a
Temporary One Day Food Permit at least 3 days prior to the event.
This can be emailed, mailed or picked up or Click the Link Below:

“Food Handler / Manager Training”

National Restaurant Association

For ServSafe Manager:  www.servsafe.com/purchase

For ServSafe Food Handler: 

www.servsafe.com/foodhandler  or www.foodhandlerusa.com

Service: Food Establishments and Vending Inspections and Licensure
Rules: Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

2018 Food Inspection Updates
Food Inspection Report
Food Inspection Continuation Report
Instructions for Marking Food Inspection Report
Food Inspection Report Marking Guide