On July 22nd 2014, the Kenton-Hardin Board of Health voted unanimously to end refunds for all programs associated within the Health Department. As a result, all services that are paid after September 1st 2014 will not be refunded. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this notice, please talk with health department staff. Thank you.

Contact Information

Cindy Keller RN MSN – Director of Nursing
419-673-6230 X 1804

Mindy Hensel RN BSN
419-673-6230 X 1806
Family Planning, Car Seats

Alexa Heacock RN BSN
419-673-6230 x 1805
BCMH, Lead Program,
Communicable Diseases

Melissa Humble BS RN
419-673-6230 X 1807
Help Me Grow Program

Accreditation & Emergency Health and Safety
Arin Tracy
419-673-6230 x 1808
Accreditation, Emergency Preparedness & Response,
MRC, Violence & Injury Prevention